Hi, I'm Rachael, a Heartfulness Coach

and a lover of all things heart centered, real & raw.

​Through in-person workshops, self-paced online courses and 1:1 coaching series, I get to work with women who are fed up with the mediocre and want to regain some energetic spring in their step.  With a renewed sense of happiness and confidence, clients begin to recognise an important life lessen, that by being kinder to themselves they are able to love more, laugh more and be more to those who matter most in their lives.

My mission is to guide women toward living life with their whole heart through self compassion and heart filled positive daily living practices.

I am passionate about life, committed to constantly learning and striving to be a better person, I care deeply for others and see potential in every person I get the privilege to meet, know and love. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, big or small, while walking this precious earth.


"My goal is for every woman to know how uniquely beautiful and precious she is,

just as she is right now!"

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Work With Me 


I feel most alive when helping others. 

I often see potential, far greater than the

person has ever dared to imagine.


Through my coaching work I have the privilege to guide, encourage and assist those I journey

alongside to explore their own unique qualities. 

You know, deep in your heart, you have more to offer the world and those around you?

You are tired of feeling drained and want to start feeling energized and full of life?

You want to know  & believe in your own worth and feel valued and heard?

You often wish you were more positive & optimistic in your daily encounters with others?

You believe that more confidence means you will feel more, love more, experience more.

You are ready to work on ways to improve your confidence to live the life you only ever imagined?

You feel like you don’t have time to be kind to yourself but you know that putting daily practices in place will improve how you feel inside and out and improve relationships with those you love most.

You are often putting yourself down with negative self talk?

You would rather set a high standard to encourage others to rise rather than lower your expectations and accept mediocrity?​

I feel through my personal journey and professional experience I am in a unique position to coach people in this area, I would love for you to book a Free 30 minute Heartful Chat to learn more.


Not ready to jump straight into a 12 week Coaching Series, then why not lock in a 30 min consult with me, this Heartful Chat is free with absolutely no obligation.  It is simply an opportunity for me to answer any questions you may have and allow you some space and time to know more about what is involved in a Coaching Series and whether it is right for you.  I also have some great workshops and online resources that might be of interest to you, so lets lock in a time to talk so we can get you started on what is right of YOU.