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Coaching Packages


each coaching package includes:

A pre-coaching questionnaire - a wonderful opportunity to explore all areas of your life and help you get clear on what you would like to gain from our Coaching Series together.

1 x 90 minute Skype session to delve deep into your questionnaire and walk away with a clear direction and focus.

For my Heart Filled Life & Self Love to Sisterhood packages it includes fortnightly 1 hour sessions via skype or in-person (if you live within 40 km of my home).

Access to worksheets and resources which may assist you implement all that we have spoken about during our sessions together.

Email contact between sessions as necessary.

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Solo Me

One off coaching consult

Your Investment: $125

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Heart Filled Life

3 month coaching package

Your Investment: $570

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Self Love to Sisterhood

4 month coaching package

Your Investment: $760

Not ready to jump straight into a 12 week Coaching Series, then why not lock in a 30 min consult with me, this Heartful Chat is free with absolutely no obligation.  It is simply an opportunity for me to answer any questions you may have and allow you some space and time to know more about what is involved in a Coaching Series and whether it is right for you.  I also have some great workshops and online resources that might be of interest to you, so lets lock in a time to talk so we can get you started on what is right of YOU.  

Upcoming Events

I really enjoy & see value in hosting in-person events and feel that women are inspired and deeply encouraged when they come together to share, grow & learn so I look forward to meeting you in person some time in the future.

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