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 About Me  

I’m Rachael, a Certified Life & Heartfulness Coach, a lover of all things heart centered, real & raw.

I journey alongside Adoptive & Foster Mothers to improve their overall confidence and feel amazing from the inside out.  Through self compassion and heart filled positive daily living practices, mums begin to live life with their whole heart. Recognising that by being kinder to themselves they are more able to love more, laugh more and be more to those who matter most in their lives.

I am passionate about life, committed to constantly learning and striving to be a better person, I care deeply for others and see potential in every person I get the privilege to meet, know and love. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, big or small, while walking this precious earth.

"My goal is for every woman to know how uniquely beautiful and precious she is, just as she is right now!"

My Personal Story

I’m a traveller, a volunteer, a sister to all age, colour & race.  I’m always moving forward no matter what it takes.  I’ve faced a number of traumatic experiences and have managed to come out the other side with clear determination not to let anything stop me from living the life I am destined for.  Now I wish to assist others to find their truth, their strength, and their determination to do the same.


“I believe in true Sisterhood, that which inspires, motivates and encourages others to rise.”

A strong personal value I hold near and dear is seeing the potential in others and wanting to guide, support and assist them to move in a direction that allows them to know their true worth and what amazing gifts and talents they already possess. 

My journey to life coaching has been action-packed; I have travelled the world on numerous occasions, driven a car in Southern Italy, volunteered in a remote village in the Philippines, all with the strong desire to live life with my whole heart.  After completing my Post Grad in International and Community Development I started my dream role but after 4 years of investing my heart and soul into my work I felt there was a new direction I was to take.  

Having moved to country Victoria, living amongst the trees with my amazingly supportive husband I was able to take some time out to really explore, dream and discover what was next.  I started listening to my heart rather than my head, I learnt to say no, began balancing my deep empathy for others with my own needs, put in place daily practices of self care and so began my journey to right now.

I am the happiest, healthiest and most heart filled person I have ever been, I am a Heartfulness Coach and the Owner of Sisters inTentz; a women’s luxury glamping bed and breakfast which is located on my 13 acres of bushland.

Building communities of Sisterhood, both big and small, was once a dream but is now my daily reality.


“I believe in the power of community and belonging which can transform hearts, and collectively, change societies for the better’ 

My Professional Background

I have over 20 years full time work experience, a Bachelor of Commerce, a Post Graduate Certificate in International & Community Development and a Certified Coaching Certificate through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.

Prior to becoming a Certified Life Coach, I worked for a large humanitarian organisation in the area of Migration Support for 4 years where I was extremely blessed to meet others who were highly active, driven and passionate people; wanting to make a difference in the world.  

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