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Client love


When I first embarked on the coaching series I thought it was going to be a case of getting a 'To Do' list sorted to achieve my goals, however I soon realised it was the tip of the iceberg!


My expectations of a coaching series was more of a systematic approach without emotion, but once we had our first session together, it was like I'd been handed a box of chocolates which was very indulgent.  It was then that I realised I was trying to find happiness in myself and my work.


By the end of the coaching series, what had crystallized most for me, was the fact that by committing time to working on myself I can achieve life long change.  The biggest change I have witnessed so far in myself is more self-awareness within, understanding my thought processes, my weaknesses and my alarm bells.


If I was to describe my coaching series with Rachael in 3 words I would say, insightful, precious and I felt understood.


At the time Rachael and I began my Coaching Series I was pregnant with my 2nd child and I really wanted to find ways to focus on my business, while caring for my 2.5 year old. I wanted to create a more open and communicative relationship with my partner and try to obtain the skills to give back to myself.

I could pinpoint fairly easily the areas I wanted to focus on but I knew I needed help in getting them packaged into achievable goals.  I thought coaching could help give me concise areas to focus on and direction and guidance to achieve my desired outcomes.  I had never worked with a coach before so I didn't have any particular expectations of what the experience was going to be like. 

After our first session together, I felt the goals we set were exactly what I wanted to focus on.  Rachael summed them up perfectly into achievable actions.  I felt positive about the weeks ahead and by the end of that first session I had clear goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Since beginning my coaching series with Rachael, those around me have noticed a big shift in the household in terms of my own organisation skills, I've been less stressed and able to spend more quality family time.   There is a general sense of peace and calm.  What I've witnessed most in myself is that my direction and motivation are back, I've made changes to benefit myself and my family in order to have more harmonious relationships.  I have more time to focus on building my business.


If I was to describe my coaching experience in 3 words I would say 'Positive', 'Productive' and 'Motivational' 

And my final words to Rachael are 'Rachael, you have found your calling' 

Tania Giannone

Owner of Elements of Cake



At the time I began working with Rachael I was struggling with self-care, I was starting my business and trying to balance everything in life.  The trigger or light switch moment for me to decide to say YES to coaching was the fact that Rachael was fully there for me.

Leading up to our first session together I was both curious and excited, however, by the end of our first session I realised it was important not to let concerns fester at the corners of my mind, and it’s great to be able to talk them through. 


The biggest change I have witnessed in myself since my Coaching Series with Rachael is feeling more self-assured in my expression.

In describing my coaching series with Rachael in 3 words I would say Supportive, breakthroughs, warm-loving


"Thank you Rach for being there for me & reminding me to take care of me, for understanding me & completely tailoring this experience to my needs and quirks!"

Anna Dobby


Around December last year, when I began my Coaching Series, I was feeling very unhappy in many areas of my life. I had put on weight which was something that was poisoning my own wellness, self-love, relationships with others and my motivation.  My decision to say YES to coaching came out of the difficulty I was having in regulating my anger and emotions.  This was really infecting all aspects of my life and in that respect I was alienating those closest to me. This self-sabotaging behaviour/mentality is in large part why I was not only agreeable to a coaching series, but desperate for it. I have always been into self-development programs (books, courses, talks, etc) and see it as an ongoing journey that everybody owes themselves. To constantly be willing to make positive changes and reflect on how you live and interact with others, is what life is all about, in my opinion.



My previous exposure to Life Coaching was limited. I had previously undertaken one initial coaching call, which was offered to me following a conference I attended. Having had that call prior to working with Rachael, I understood what types of things would be asked of me (i.e., what makes me tick) but also coming from a coaching stance in my everyday work , it is certainly not foreign to me. The concept of coaching and the techniques used, are something I believe in. 


I was excited going into our first session but I also tend to be a pessimistic person, so I was skeptical - not in terms of Rachael's abilities, but skeptical of my ability to follow through and take action on the things I wanted to change in my life. My negative self-talk often gets the better of me and I was concerned again about how I would sabotage my own progress.


It really crystallized, after the first session, that my goals were very intertwined and if I were to work on 1 goal, it would have flow on effects into the other 2 goals. This was motivating and exciting. E.g., feeling more active physically, would help with my energy levels, which would help with my positivity and then my self-talk, etc, etc. 


As my goals were not typically easy to measure, it was hard for myself and those around me to necessarily acknowledge progress/change. However, my partner, in particular, was very encouraging when I completed certain action tasks between sessions (such as, keeping my gratitude journal everyday and sending it to him) or more fitness activities, etc. 


I know that the changes I want to make are attitudinal and life-long - and in that regard, I will always be working on these things. I am definitely taking active steps to achieve these goals for my work, my relationships and for myself.   This Coaching experience gave me an opportunity to examine, with a fine tooth comb, the changes I wanted to make and why these changes were important to me.  This was extremely powerful and motivating. To feel supported to make active steps (however small they may have been session to session), without judgement, was invaluable. 


If I had to describe my Coaching Series with Rachael in 3 words they would be "Supportive" and "Passionate encouragement!"


My final words, "Rachael, you have a genuine and passionate nature, which comes through in your coaching relationships to help your clients make lasting and meaningful, positive changes."

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